A littleBit rock ‘n’ roll: Reggie Watts rocks the newly launched SynthKit, and electronic music goes mini-modular

Really cool article and interview from TED… littleBits has partnered with KORG to create a customizable, build-it-yourself modular synthesizer. Check out Reggie Watts’ take on the invention in the video and see for yourself!

TED Blog

Above: Reggie Watts demonstrates the littleBits SynthKit

For the last week, the internet has been grooving to the video above of Reggie Watts making some funky noise with the newly launched SynthKit — the latest offering from TED Fellow Ayah Bdeir’s littleBits electronic building block company, and the product of a three-way partnership between littleBits, Watts and world-renowned synthmasters KORG. The SynthKit allows users to snap together a modular synth from 12 easy pieces. Or as Watts himself tells us, “Each bit is a creature unto itself that connects to others of its kin to create strange and wondrous sounds.” The SynthKit can be connected to headphones, computers, speakers and other external devices, as well as to other littleBits kits to add music to all manner of inventions.

If you haven’t yet seen the video (in addition to littleBits and his extraordinary talent, Watts used an EHX 45000), check…

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