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Spring Cleaning

Yesterday saw the release of Mavericks (Apple used to name their OS X line after big cats, but I guess they’ve run out of big cats. Mavericks is named after a popular surfer hangout in the backyard of the company headquarters. At least they’ve managed to keep their chic, modern image alive in the face of taxonomical troubles),¬†Apple’s latest OS X software. In a push to keep ahead of competition, the innovative company made Mavericks free to any computer running the later OS X software.

CNET has put together a great article on what to do before upgrading if you plan on getting Mavericks, and it’s worth a quick read, especially if you don’t update third-party software often or you don’t make regular drive back-ups; the article can be found at the following URL:


Enjoy the new bells and whistles, dear readers – I certainly will be!