TI:ME – Areas of Competency

In the summer of 1995, the Technology in Music Education organization was founded to address the growing need for widespread technological awareness and know-how in the broad field of music. Technology in Music Education, or “TI:ME,” has done much to close the gap in music students’ working knowledge of technology. To quote TI:ME directly, the goals of the institute include the following:

  1. The Institute will develop standards for music technology in-service teacher training courses in public or private educational settings. This will be accomplished by organizing an advisory board comprised of experts in the field of music education, music technology, manufactures and distributors. A printed document will be created describing the specific technology standards for music education. This booklet will be made available to educational institutions and music educators.
  2. The Institute will develop course materials for music technology in several specific areas to include sequencing, notation, telecommunications, computer-assisted instruction and other courses.
  3. The Institute will list and define skills required to obtain proficiency in the understanding and use of technology as it is applied to the teaching of music. In addition the Institute will certify skill levels through appropriate tests and measurements. Teachers who have gained proficiency in music technology will be awarded certification and the Institute will maintain records of certification as evidence of professional growth.
  4. The Institute will provide a forum for discussion, research, and development for music educators to improve their understanding and use of technology. This will be accomplished by developing a Web site, publishing a newsletter, and offering to music educators a yearly membership in the Technology Institute. Also, a biannual national music education technology convention will be organized to bring together the music education community and the manufacturers, publishers, and developers of software and hardware.

In my WordPress site, I aim to focus in on step three in particular. Through my Technology for Music Educators class, I have learned about the various “Areas of Competency” in music technology as set forth by TI:ME. I will use the knowledge I have gained in my class, supplemented by online resources, to go through these competency benchmarks and explain them as best I can for fellow music educators and the general public.


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